International Shipping Policies

Shipping Method

We aim to use safe, economical, and efficient carriers for international shipments. We are aware that the costs of international shipment may feel significantly higher than domestic shipments but we will always prioritize safe delivery so that your package can arrive to your location without damages. Typically, DHL or FedEx is our preferred carrier for international shipments.

Tracking Order

When your order(s) is shipped out, you will receive an e-mail that contains the tracking number. For International customers who did not receive an e-mail, you may contact us by filling the SHIPPING form.

Time Frames for In Stock Collectibles

If the product is in stock we aim to ship out your order(s) within 5 working days. Typically it will be shipped out within 2 working days but there may be external circumstances that may slow our shipment.

How are the International Shipping Charges calculated?

International shipping charges are calculated by dimensional weight and country of destination. You will be provided with a shipping quote for in-stock orders during the checkout process. Pre-order items may not have a shipping quote available until seven days prior to its arrival into our warehouse. If the final product dimensions are not yet available a shipping quote may not be offered at the time of checkout or may be displayed as Pending. Once the final product dimensions are available, the website will provide you a shipping estimate at checkout.


Managing Addresses

You can update your shipping address information in your online account at any time. However, if the shipment is already processed and shipped out, we are unable to alter the shipping address. We highly recommend you to double check your shipping address prior to making an order. If you need to update an address on an existing order and the website will not allow the edit, please contact us as soon as possible to check if we can still make alterations to the shipping address.

Shipping Restrictions

There are a variety of reasons why Glory Collectibles may not be able to ship to your country such as territory importing issues.  If you have any questions regarding shipping restrictions, please contact us directly for further information.

Privacy Protection

We do not ship to any addresses that are not specified in your order(s). If you need to change the shipping address, and the website does not allow it, please contact us using your registered email you used to make the order. If the request were made using another email we will reject the request as it may cause privacy issues. Under no circumstances you should allow anyone other than yourself to alter your order or make an order on your behalf.

Combined Shipping

In most cases, Glory Collectibles is unable to guarantee combined order shipments. This is due to a variety of factors: item arrival date, size of the item, and our ability to pack the items in the same box. etc. With an order for multiple in-stock items, Glory Collectibles will attempt to combine them into one box if they are placed under the same order number. Should the items be placed on separate orders, they will not ship together. Pre-order items are a different case due to the likelihood that those items will be arriving at our warehouse on different dates. Even if the items are on the same order and are scheduled to ship within the same date range, there is no guarantee they will arrive in the warehouse at the same time. Pre-orders will ship at the time of their arrival and we are unable to hold shipments until multiple items are in stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

External Circumstances

Some shipments may be significantly delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances such as natural disaster, change of laws and regulations, unexpected issues from the carrier, and government enforced lockdowns (pandemic, etc) We will make announcements on our website to inform you if any of those circumstances took place.

Account Verification & Payment Declines

Please note, if the account is a new account, Glory Collectibles may require additional information to verify the account to ensure safety of your shipment. This may result in your shipment being delayed. Should payment on your order not process successfully (the payment method declines), this can also cause a delay. 

Taxations and Customs fees

Customs fees and other form of taxations are not included in your purchase price and may be charged by your countries customs office upon delivery or custom clearance. In some cases, these duties and customs fees are collected by the carrier. It is your responsibility to investigate the amount of taxes and duties you will owe prior to your shipment. If a package is refused due to excessive import fees and duties, you will be responsible for any return shipping fees that the carrier will charge Glory Collectibles to return the package. If Glory Collectibles is unable to have the item returned due to a package refusal a refund will not be issued. International customers are responsible to pay Duty directly to the carrier at the time of delivery or via bill afterward.

Approximate Duty on our products.

Duty assessed on Glory Collectibles items may vary. You should verify the duty rate with your local customs office. Some of our current import categories based on custom regulations are, but are not limited to:

 1) Plastic toys, dolls, action figures, parts, and accessories.

 2) Collectors models, statuettes, (polystone / polyresin items).

Please note that Glory Collectibles tries to select the best import code for each category of product. However, individual customs offices can reclassify these categories and alter the duty codes before clearance, causing changes in the rates charged. Glory Collectibles is not responsible for code changes or any additional charges that you may incur. We cannot alter the local customs office's decision. Any dispute regards to these charges must be made directly with your customs office.

'Signature Required' Policy

To ensure that our items are delivered and received safely, a signature at the time of delivery may be required. This will be indicated in the e-mail you receive confirming the shipment of your item(s).  If you will not be home during the day to receive a signature required package, we suggest you have your item(s) delivered to an alternate address.

Promotional Free Shipping

Products marked or noted with ‘Free Shipping’ will be shipped by Glory Collectibles with no freight charge to customers. Any additional costs for expedited shipping services, specialty packing, VAT, taxes, duty, or other fees assessed upon import are not included with any free shipping promotion.

Package Refusals

Glory Collectibles does NOT recommend refusing the delivery of purchased goods under any circumstances. We have specific procedures in place to assist all customers with returns and exchanges, and refusing a package will only lengthen the amount of time it will take to bring you a satisfactory resolution. Refused packages will not be eligible to receive an exchange for a new product. Once the original shipment is returned to our warehouse, it will automatically be processed as a refund of the collectible’s purchase price excluding the return shipping costs, non-refundable deposits, and international return fees and taxes (if applicable).


Please accept your item, and contact us for assistance within 7days (including non-working days) through the proper channels. We may not accept return or exchange requests if it exceeds the 7days requirement so please fully inspect your delivery prior to making a return or exchange request. Please be very careful when you inspect your package, as generally, as any form of returns require them to be returned in the same condition you received them. This includes the actual product as well as boxing, internal foams, authentication certificate, and any other form of documentations included in the order. Any returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted.

Returns/Exchange - If Your Package Arrives Damaged

Please accept your package and contact us within 7days (including non-working days) upon arrival. We will be able to assist you with a fair resolution. Typically, we will require photographs or images of the damaged goods and may ask you to ship back the product back to our warehouse. All return/exchange shipment costs will be covered by Glory Collectibles under those circumstances but we are unable to cover any customs fees or taxation for exchanges.

Refund Policy

Technically all our deposits are non-refundable, however if a customer provides us with the proof that the package he/she has received is in unacceptable condition (heavily damaged), Glory collectibles will provide another package of the same exact product that the customer has purchased. At the end of the day, Glory Collectibles will ensure all customers and fans will be satisfied.

Exchanges - Discontinued or Out of Stock Products.

If you made a request to exchange for any reasons with the 7days upon receiving the package, and the product is no longer available (Discontinued or Out of Stock), we will be processing the request as a refund request as we are unable to offer an exchange.



Each of our products is packaged carefully to reduce the risk of shipment damages as much as possible. However using excessive boxing and packaging will not only increase unnecessary shipment cost it will also increase the amount of waste generated from each shipment. If you are concerned, please contact us directly and we may be able to assist you by adding cushioning or foams. However, this may increase the shipment cost.

The carrier I want to use is not listed as an option. Why?

Glory Collectibles utilizes different carriers to provide collectors with quality delivery options and rates. There are a variety of factors that can impact what options are available (size of the item, delivery address, multi box shipments, etc.). If a particular courier or service is not available at checkout or on an existing order, Glory Collectibles is not able to offer this option at that time.


Does Glory Collectibles offer expedited shipping?

At this time, couriers are not able to guarantee expedited delivery dates. Should this option be available for your shipment, we advise accepting with caution/at your own risk. Please be advised that rates may be significantly higher than usual and may end up arriving at a similar time to our standard options.