The undefeated Champion!

Thorous is a dwarf lighting champion and a powerful hero. He wields a mythical hammer and a shield making him almost invincible. Thorous entertains any worthy opponents and he entertains more to best them all on the battlefield. Thorous is the undefeated champion of Evoran for many long years, therefore he wanders in the land of Evoran seeking new adventures to feed his ambition. While he cherishes his continuous victories and he still finds it unfulfilling to find the most worthy opponent on Evoran.


Wrath reincarnated!

It was no mere coincidence that Tyranok chose the path of cruelty. In fact, he has seen the fruits of cruelty. He lived where might and brutality were the only disciplines of survival. He found his growth in violence and conquering any potential adversary. Many clans and warlords fell against Tyranok and many accepted the inevitable surrender. The legends have told many horrific tales of his nightmarish weapon that could shatter the city walls and castles, followed by an utterly unbearable sound of screaming.


Soul of Nature

When the sky grew dark and black clouds covered the sun, she realized something has changed. No one could disregard the sudden rise of the army of the dead. It was no question that the sacred Emerald Forest could no longer serve as a haven for anyone and the terrors of the dead would soon reach the forest. Belora was determined that she could find the source of the evil that has devastated the land of Evoran.